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This page is dedicated to recording the progress of the extraordinary project to construct a third crossing of the Cataraqui River in Kingston, Ontario. Started in 2020, it will reach its conclusion in 2023, when all the cosmetic work is completed.  

The major effort on the new bridge will occur this year - 2021 - with the arrival and installation of girders and the construction of the under-arched steel bridge section closest to the eastern shore.

I hope you'll enjoy viewing the images - please credit me - Aerosnapper, Kingston - with producing them if you use  any of them.


  • A fine sight on a Winter's night

    The Waaban Crossing looks very with the reflections of its lights and neighbouring area reflecting in the icy waters of the Cataraqui River

  • Wired and willing

    Dec 2022 - an electrician from Utilities Kingston installs an upgraded transformer to ensure appropriate power supplies to the area of the Crossing

  • Everything must go

    Sep 2022 - Barr Construction's excavator keeps trucks from Mulrooney busy removing gravel from the east end of the temporary causeway

  • A clean bridge

    Sep 2022 - on a particularly calm morning, the bridge stretches to the west - almost clear of materials and showing a near perfect reflection in the river

  • A graceful curve

    Aug 2022 - the graceful double curve in the bridge is evident in this telephoto shot looking west

  • Concrete is a Solid Business

    Aug 2022 - a Ready-Mix truck from principal concrete supplier - CBM - feeds concrete to the north wall on Span 22. Note the rebar awaiting forming up for future concrete work and the expansion joint that will go into the east abutment

  • Final Adjustments on the Vibro Hammer

    July 2022 - Kiewit staff confirm attachment of the vibrating hammer to the first pile to be withdrawn as the disassembly and removal of the temporary trestle roadway gathers pace

  • Back-Breaking Work

    Jul 2022 - An ironworker bends to work on tying in yet another junction of the reinforcing rod

  • That's quite a stretch

    April 2022 - reliably supported by deliveries from CBM concrete, the long arm of the pump truck stretches out to the steel span

  • Concrete Forms Depart

    Mar 2022 - Concrete forms rented for the bridge construction depart the site after removal from the east abutment

  • Proud in winter sunshine

    Jan 2023 - the Crossing looks clean and crisp as traffic flows smoothly across the Cataraqui River

  • Team work makes the dream work

    Dec 2022 - Workers from Utilities Kingston prepare a transformer for installation to ensure adequate power to the area of the bridge

  • A view to the South-West over the City

    Sep 2022 - The waterproofing of the western concrete spans can be clearly seen - asphalt paving will follow shortly

  • One Open River View

    Sep 2022 - the removal of the western part of the temporary trestle roadway and lift bridge have left a very clean view under Span 19 of the bridge

  • Knit one, Purl one

    Aug 2022 - a skilled electrician from Black & McDonald makes sense of the wiring for a street light on Gore Road

  • Disappearing Trestle

    Aug 2022 - the LR-1200 and a dedicated crew continue to remove trestle sections of the temporary roadway on the north side at the east end of the bridge

  • Greening Things Up

    July 2022 - the team from Sharpe Landscaping hydro-seed the margins of the new car park at Gore Road Library

  • All coming together quite nicely

    July 2022 - the addition of hydro-seeded margins to the recently road-marked intersection of Gore Road and Hwy 15 makes everything look better and closer to completion

  • Can't do the job without humans

    April 2022 - as the pumper delivers concrete steadily, it is directed down into the rebar and raked, whilst a backpack vibrating rod ensures the release of any trapped air that could weaken the slab

  • Concrete forms removed from the east abutment

    Mar 2022 - a large number of concrete forms used in the fourth stage pour of the east abutment wait to be organised and removed on Gore Road, with the bridge beyond.

  • Linking east and west across a frozen river

    Dec 2022 - a day after it opened to the public, the Waaban Crossing stands out as a new landmark in the City of Kingston

  • Two Amazing Operators

    Dec 2022 - Dallas Sallows (in Red 002) and Jeff Clark work to clear the last remnants of the old shoreline on the west bank as remediation enters its final phase

  • Early morning looking North- East

    Sep 2022 - The waterproofing applied to the western spans is clearly evident. Otherwise, the bridge is looking very clean and clear in its last months of construction

  • Perfect working platforms

    Sep 2022 - crew members benefit from the working platforms provided by 'bridge buggies' as they remove the brackets that have supported a temporary guard rail. They have reached Span 14 of 22.

  • Complicated - but organised

    Aug 2022 - Crew for Kiewit and others remove wall forms from the last span (22) on the east of the bridge

  • High and Mighty LR-1200 Crane

    Aug 2022 - during operations to remove the temporary trestle roadway, the crane prepares to remove a scaffolding stairway, making room for more work

  • It's a Woman's World too

    July 2022 - One of the ironworkers from Armatures Bois-Francs places another section of reinforcing rod in the sea of galvanized metal employed below the Multi-Use Pathway

  • The whole bridge - early morning

    April 2022 - the concrete on the steel span is complete and the east abutment is nearing complete infill as the trees begin to come into leaf

  • A Large Section of Concrete is added to the Main Span

    April 2022 - a break in the weather allows CBM and Maple Concrete Pumping to service the Gomaco machine as it lays a long swathe of concrete on the main steel span

  • Spring Cleaning ?

    Mar 2022 - as efforts continue on the west side to clear administrative and storage areas to allow construction of the connector to begin, surplus equipment is moved to the east laydown below Gore Road

  • To infinity and beyond

    Dec 2022 - the day after opening to the public, the Waaban Crossing curves to the west under sunny skies - a tribute to all who worked to conceive, create and build it

  • Kockleshell Heroes

    Dec 2022 - The boat crews managing the environmental protective screens or curtains have operated in all weathers and temperatures. They deserve much more recognition than they have been given

  • A Long Look East

    Sep 2022 - A long look down the bridge eastward shows the late stages of trestle removal and Gore Road beyond, leading to Highway 15

  • Wall forms in preparation

    Sep 2022 - the location of the heavy steel forms used to contain concrete forming the dividing wall is critical and requires some adjustment every time

  • The Take-Down Crew

    Aug 2022 - Kiewit staff - operating on either end of the temporary lift bridge complete preparations to remove the north-side longitudinal steel piece from the lift bridge. One of the last elements to be dis-assembled from the structure

  • Walking a stairway back

    Aug 2022 - The LR-1200 slowly crosses the temporary lift bridge whilst re-locating a scaffolding stairway that will be broken down

  • The Finish is everything

    July 2022 - a Kiewit worker takes particular care finishing the base to what will be a light pole fixture on the dividing wall between traffic lanes and the Multi-Use Pathway

  • New Concrete shows up well

    April 2022 - the fifth and final section of concrete laid on the steel span shows up, still 'wet' or under burlap in this overhead shot

  • Early Moments of the latest concrete pour

    April 2022 - the long arm of Maple Concrete Pumping's concrete delivery truck provides a steady flow of concrete to the main steel span, where the Gomaco screeding machine and a capable crew ensure it is applied efficiently

  • Clean up on the east abutment

    Mar 2022 - as the crane from C.A. Peters continues to lift out concrete forms on the east abutment, the blue Genie Forklift removes surplus stores to clear the area

  • A Bridge with no traffic

    Nov 2022 - in the last week of November, the bridge is almost devoid of vehicles and equipment - within days, it will be full of traffic

  • The gap is widening

    Sep 2022 - with just one span of temporary trestle remaining, and gravel being removed from both sides of the gap. work is steady to remove the causeway used as a base for construction of the bridge

  • Pulling Piles

    Sep 2022 - the vibrating hammer is attached to the next pile to be removed from the temporary trestle roadway and others are prepared for lift alongside

  • A long look down Gore Road

    Aug 2022 - components removed from the temporary trestle roadway are transported away and the bridge stretches into the distance beyond

  • A long and winding road

    Aug 2022 - this distant shot - with a bit of lens compression - shows the whole bridge and the gentle double curve required to cross the navigation channel at the east (distant) end and match two existing road approaches

  • Shaking things up

    July 2022 - The LR-1200 crane suspends a vibrating hammer over the first of the piles that had supported the temporary trestle roadway as removal preparations begin

  • No Detail too small

    July 2022 - Careful concrete finishing around a light base on the bridge

  • The mighty seven-axled concrete pumper

    April 2022 - this powerful, long-armed pump truck makes light work of delivering concrete to the steel span

  • A sea of Steel

    Mar 2022 - a sea of reinforcing rod runs towards the Gomaco concrete-laying machine and a worker installs devices to indicate the level of concrete to be poured

  • The last two spans in late stages of completion

    Mar 2022 - walkways are being built on Span 21 and the first concrete deck slabs are in place on Span 21. All part of an effort to prepare for rebar, then concrete and, last of all, the asphalt top layer

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